A Walk In The Woods

A Walk in the Woods

Inspired by Barbara Bosworth’s recent triptychs of New England, I headed into the woods. In fall, the natural world transitions from growing and blooming to rest and recovery, in preparation for the long winter ahead. The magnificent colors of the leaves are a last hurrah before the grey of winter.

When I am in the woods, I often find myself looking both left and right, never at just one thing. The human eye processes information differently than the camera. Using four images to create each scene allows me to more completely capture the woods that I see. It also allows me to get closer to the elements than a traditional panorama. It is my way of holding onto the landscape. While I often walk in the woods alone, the images that I bring back are never meant just for me. Photography, like life, is about sharing.

Selections from this portfolio will be on display at the The Griffin Museum of Photography, March 6-30, 2014.